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Stretch Wrapping


The ECONOMAT automatic stretch wrapping machine models are designed to deliver fast, economical wrapping with minimal film waste. They feature a pre-stretch-system that elongates the film by 260 % max, thus reducing film consumption and packaging costs.


The Cobra Machines are ideal for stretch wrapping difficult loads. Because stretch film is rotated around the load, rather than turning the load, light and unstable loads can easily be unitized with a secure web of film.

Unmatched Flexibility
Thanks to the rotating arm technology, the pallet load does not move during the stretch wrapping process. Therefore, the
Cobra Plus is ideal for wrapping loads that are unstable, light, very heavy or odd-shaped – whatever the product type. The
Cobra Plus comes standard with an independent floor stand, but can also be mounted to a column or wall. This innovative
design also comes standard with an adjustable wrapping arm that can easily be modified to accommodate larger loads at
no additional cost and provides the versatility to adapt to future needs.
Extremely Efficient
The motorized power pre-stretch system with adjustable film tension control guarantees optimal film usage. Also, by
providing variable film tension control throughout the wrap cycle, superior load containment can be achieved while
eliminating film breaks and product damage. The patented film carriage ensures consistent performance and optimal film


Rotary Ring

The Octopus Compact is the first of a new generation of stretch wrapping machines that can offer ring wrapping technology for semi-automatic use or where low capacity automation is best suited. The Octopus Compact has the price level of rotating arm and turntable machines, whilst offering the lowest possible consumable and maintenance costs. It can be used in a manual mode, with roll-in-out conveyor or as an inline fully automatic. The system can grow with the customers needs if required.

A reliable and economical solution for wrapping pallets. Although compact in size, it is versatile enough to handle a variety of applications.
The Octopus is silent in operation and easily maintained. With its color touchscreen controls, it provides unmatched flexibility in creating the optimal wrap pattern for your specific stretch packaging challenge.

The Octopus is fully automatic wrapping machine incorporating the latest technology. The reel of wrapping film is suspended from a ring and revolves around the pallet. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program. The pallet remains stationary, which makes the wrapping of “unstable” and “lightweight” products considerably easier. Additionally, there are no centrifugal forces to cause stress or strain on the load or on the equipment.
As the ring can be accurately positioned in the vertical director, wrapping can be started and finished at any height required. The Octopus wraps down to 5 cm of the floor or top of conveyor to ensure that the finished package is tight, strong and secure.
Due to the flexible frame construction, the Octopus is suitable for various pallet and conveyor heights. This adaptable frame together with optional equipment available, including pallet handling systems, makes every Octopus an efficient machine able to meet demanding customer requirements.

The Octopus S range of heavy duty steel framed machines is suitable for very large diameter products with a diagonal of up to 2.800 mm and for loads of Up to 4.000 mm high. The heavy duty steel frame of the machine enables these large and tall products to be securely and safely wrapped at high speeds, if required, without loss of load wrapping efficiency or stability. The OCTOPUS S range uses the unique wrapping method of the high-speed ring wrapping technology for on line pallet wrapping operations. It can easily be integrated into existing or new conveyor packaging line operations.

The Octopus twin is a very high speed machine for very special applications using Twin film dispensers. Please contact your Signode representative for your detailed project Needs.



The CoilMaster’s axial, or through-the-eye, stretch wrapping system fully encapsulates coils of strip and wire products in a protective cocoon of film, providing protection from contaminants, moisture and surface damage.

The CoilMaster packaging system represents a major advance in the packaging of steel and aluminium coils with the application of microchip technology and innovative engineering.

It is an automatically operated system that uses a heavy gauge stretch film for the wrapping of coils. The concept used is for a specifically shaped track to carry a film dispensing shuttle through the eye of the coil, while the coil is slowly rotated on its axis on a set of blocker rollers. The complete body of the coil is, therefore sealed by a cocoon of stretch film. Ancillary protective packaging can be incorporated into the system.