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ZETI Starbox 2.4 professional

Zeti StarBox 2.4

BOXMAKER with more than 100 FEFCO Design Codes

Industrial PC with touch screen controls the machine sequences over the specially programmed PLC

  • Automatized mechanics allow for fast order changes
  • Orders are programmed in a special window for order input and can be saved into the built-in order memory saving set-up times for repeating orders (especially important for small orders)
  • PLC is controlling the machine status
  • Direct access to the internet allows connection to the ZETI support center and maximum production support

Speed of 750 sheets per hour dependent on the particular order represents one of the fastest boxmakers


  • Even higher productivity can be achieved with conversion of multiple boxes simultaneously out of one sheet:
    twothree boxes parallel
    • unlimited number
    of boxes one after the other (sheet length limit)
  • Untouched edge allows the usage of large sheet dimensions, optimizing sheet purchase and storage
  • Waste optimization: untouched edge can be used for other orders
  • Ability to use sheets that are damaged on one side by converting them into boxes and simultaneously cutting off the damaged edge
Lateral knife

Cutting the box width

Perforation and pre-cutting

Ability to select lateral areas of cutting, perforation, pre-cutting (ability to cut, perforate, precut only specific sheet areas)

Lateral creasing - scoring unit

Creasing (riling)


Pressing of edges / flaps and edge connections
(max. 40mm)

Slitter - Scorer segment

Pre-pressing of corrugated sheets

Grooving (riling)

Cutting edges

Order separation (e.g. two boxes out of one sheet)


StarBox 2.4 Professional : Working Logic (in basic equipment)

Workers are manually feeding corrugated board in the machine. The feeding reel takes over the sheets and positions them computerized, fully automatic, very precise, and fast for the individual work segments and tools. Cutting edge PLC program is controlling the main drive as well as tools and other functions, which are set up for optimal work flow. This set up enables simultaneous or individual workflow of different machine functions saving time and increasing the manufacturing speed by regulating the production at high speeds without loss of precision. Modern and simple machine controls through touch screen unit and work memory computer for order savings enable input and controlling of all work flow sequences over the industrial PC, allowing fast order changesefficient follow up on all production steps, as well as machine status tracking. Connection of PLC program over a direct and safe Internet connection with the ZETI Support Center ensures maximum technical support and production safety. Completed sheets leave the machine through
our specially designed delivery wagon
to the machine operator. The delivery wagon is mounted on tracks enabling fast, safe, and efficient entry to the machine as well as fast and easy order changes and simple maintenance. In addition, the wagon holds a large storage space for tools and equipment.

ZETI StarBoX 2.4 professional boxmaker is always delivered with European safety certificate CE.
The serial version of the machine is backwards compatible and ready for upgrades of additional equipment in the future enabling fast and easy upgrades with new tools and equipment.